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Personal Branding Session in Vermont

An Artists Home Studio

Ok, I have to admit the title of this blog post is kind of at odds to me. It just doesn't seem like "personal branding" and this gorgeous home studio in the middle of Vermont should be a pair. I'd much rather title this "An Artists Home Studio".

So let's talk about this kind of shoot. Personal branding photography is a collection of images that express what your business is about and who you are. These images are custom to your business. They tell a “story” forming a connection, words can’t.

If you have a website, social media accounts, or do email marketing, then eventually you’ll want to go beyond phone selfies and let people know more about you and your work.

Branded images are critical if you are the face of your company or a "solopreneur". People work with brands they know, like, and trust. A branding session is a great way to make that connection and attract clients you'll love working with.

These images are custom to your business. They tell a “story” forming a connection, words can’t.

My dearest oldest friend started her illustration studio Dogtooth Violet a few years ago. Her art and her home studio are so unique and interesting I knew we had to capture that so her clients and online presence can connect with her on a deeper more meaningful level. Working with an illustrator as a client is kind of an intimate thing as you get to know each other and how to work together.

While visiting her at home in Vermont we decided to do a little photo session of her in her home studio. Her sweet little wood-stove heated cottage is the stuff of cozy, hot-cocoa-on-a-snowy-day dreams and I just couldn't help but fall in love with every little nook and corner with the winter sunlight streaming in.

Her sweet little woodstove-heated cottage is the stuff of cozy, hot-cocoa-on-a-snowy-day dreams.

Just look at these colors! I adore that she has always embraced interesting color palettes and combinations not just in her work but in her home and wardrobe. Her space is truly a feast for the eyes with all of her books, artwork on the walls, and fun funky furniture. Can you see how a girl could be very inspired just inside this cottage? And you won't believe the view just outside the windows ...ponds, woods, wildlife and of course her gorgeous garden. More on that in the summer :-)

It was December when I was visiting so we didn't get many shots outside...which is fine because there's just so much to enjoy and photograph inside. This is where her art comes out of her brain, heart, and hands and onto the page for us to enjoy. The subject matter she illustrates is playful, whimsical and fun and often inspired from nature (she is professional gardener, after all :-)

I'm so proud and impressed with this woman and can't wait to get back up to Vermont this the summer for a whole new set of photos and to just hang out and learn about her craft. She is an accomplished garden designer, all around fascinating person, and an amazing self taught illustrator. Be sure to check out her work on Insta at dogtooth_violet or

It will no doubt bring a smile to your face...and isn't that the effect we'd want to bring our audience and clients?

So what do you think? Let's get together and capture some branding photos for your small business! When we partner on a branding shoot, it’s not merely another cute picture. We create an extension of your personality for your business to truly connect with your clients.

Ready to take the next step? Let's talk!



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