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Family Photography CT | Why printing your family photos matters

Recently, my cousin sent me a few photos of my mother that he had found amongst some old things. When I opened that envelope it took my breath away! He had sent a photo of my mother I had never seen before…a photo of her all dressed up in a beautiful suit. It must’ve been a special occasion. I thought I had seen every photo of her…since there weren’t the amount of photos being taken back in the 70’s as there are now…there weren’t tons of photos of her for that reason and because she died at the age of 37…with 3 children. My brother and sister were in high school and I was 10 years old. Obviously this effected everything about me and who I am now…in ways I can’t explain, good and bad. But this reinforced my thinking about how very important it is to have prints made.

Printed photos are family heirlooms

Family photos hold more than memories. They are gifts we give ourselves and our children today, and they are the legacy we leave our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Photos tell our family’s story. With each one, we see how our child has grown and changed from a grinning baby to a teething toddler to my sweet “big girl” missing two front teeth.

You’ve made an investment that will bring joy for generations. This is a gift for your children’s children, and for that reason this investment will increase in value over time!

Displaying family photos shows our love

I love that I can show my daughter how loved she was from the day she was born just by looking at photos showing just about every phase of her life and the people who love us. The framed photos and albums in our home are a great reminder to her of how loved and valued my husband and I view our family life.

And did you know that studies have shown that there is a 37% increase in self-esteem and behavior in children who have family portraits displayed around their home? (Source: Tulane University). But do digital images have the same value and effects on self-esteem as a tangible print or album? NOPE! Not according to experts. (

“Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,“ Cathy Lander-Goldberg, licensed clinical social worker

Digitals are temporary

Our iPhone photo albums are great for quickly capturing a moment and instantly sharing with family and friends. But it isn’t tangible or lasting. Digital storage solutions are constantly changing and older methods becoming obsolete. DVD/CDs are vanishing and even USB drives are on their way to be replaced in the near future. Who knows what electronic devices and media storage will look like 10, 20, 30 or more years from now. Will the Cloud still even exist? I’m sweating just thinking about this!

Physical photos are just more impactful

Seeing your family portrait as an art piece hanging in your home is so much more meaningful than viewing the same image on your phone or computer screen. Displaying prints is also a beautiful way to decorate your home and add warmth. And a great conversation starter!

Would that photo of my mother have the same impact on my heart as it did receiving that tangible, physical photo from my beloved cousin? I don’t know.

I offer printed photos because I believe in print. Professionally printed photos will last a lifetime and are the safest way to archive your families memories to be passed down to future generations. Whether you take your own family photos or hire a professional, don’t let your photos be forgotten on a hard drive or disappear into the depths of social media. Go Print Your Family Photos!!



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